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Guidelines for Importing Medications from Licensed Canadian Pharmacies

The need to import medication may arise due to various reasons. The release of a new drug that is yet to reach your country is one of the reasons. Shortages can also result in the importation of the medication. As much as the internet is the safest and probably fastest way to procure such drugs, you should only purchase online after a careful evaluation of the seller. It is easy to safely import medication from licensed pharmacies if you make use of the guide below.

A dependable site to buy your prescription medication from is one that asks for a prescription before the sale transaction. Such merchants are only interested in making a sale and don’t care whether or not the medication is helpful or harmful when used. Note that prescriptions are meant to inform of possible side effects and guide on the use of certain medication. If a site does not ask for a prescription before selling you medication, it could be an indication that the persons operating it are unqualified. The presence of a licensed pharmacist to seek such details from buyers is a sign that you are dealing with a dependable drug sales site.

A genuine online drug store will only sell approved products. There exist government and other bodies that are responsible for checking the safety of pharmaceutical products. Sites that sell drugs that have not passed such checks are also unscrupulous; and so, should be avoided because they are risky to your health.

The online pharmacy should carry a license that has been issued by its country. That way, you will be certain that the activities of the pharmacy are regulated by the relevant authorities. Check from independent sources to ensure that, in fact, the license in question exists because the site owners will simply tell you that they are licensed if you ask them directly.

If you need clarifications on any issue before you place an order, there should be someone responsible to give you the answers required. That will ensure that you get the answers you need before placing your order. Without such assistance, it is possible that you may use the drugs in a way that is not recommended, and that may result in serious issues.

The privacy policy in place needs scrutiny because your personal details should not be disclosed without your consent. That will ensure that the site can only divulge your information with your express consent, written or otherwise. Besides, you should only give out financial and other information after making sure that the online pharmacy will keep it from reaching third parties. Such details include health or medical history and credit card numbers.

Exercise keenness when it comes to price, though online drug purchases are cheaper than those made at physical stores. It is important to check prices by visiting various sites before settling on one seller.
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