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Web Hosting Options

Through web hosting, individuals and organizations can publish a web on the website. It is the work of a hosting company to provide the services and technologies required for viewing of a site on the internet. Sites are hosted and stored in specialized computers known as servers.

Today, there are many web hosting choices, inclusive of free web hosting, shared hosting and dedicated servers, among others. All these hosting options perform a similar function of hosting the websites and making them easy to access and be viewed by the internet users. The structure and the benefit that they offer is what makes them different.

Free Web Hosting
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Nothing is useful than a free web hosting plan. This is a perfect hosting plan for those in need of a simple site or a homepage. Free web hosting has been criticized as it lacks customer support, features, and security, it, however, has some functions that can be trusted and relied upon. It is important that you remember that free hosting is mainly designed for people with a personal or simple websites. For any business persons, the most recommendable hosting option is the paid hosting due to security and reliability and also gives you more control.
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Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is a hosting service in which you share the space with other users on the server. The clients on this server will share the cost hence the reason why it has become popular among the personal users and small companies that want to set up a blog. What other users do on the server is, however, going to affect you. If one user experiences a sudden surge in the traffic flow, your site may slow down. The the moment the server slows down, your website slows down as well.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Once your business starts to pick-up, you will need more than the shared resources, and hence the need to have a dedicated server. This is the instance whereby a whole server is dedicated to taking care of your hosting needs. Most likely, many people have no knowledge about the dedicated hosting, and as such, they are less likely to succeed; a managed web hosting is the only solution as you will have the web host doing the management tasks. This frees you from the responsibility of management and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Whenever choosing a hosting company, ensure that you know your needs. Know that the free hosting is mainly for personal use, shared hosting is suitable for small business, and the dedicated hosting for bigger and complex hosting needs. The moment you are aware of what your website needs, it will be easy for you to get the best solution.

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