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Beating Addiction in Indiana

Whether you are in Indiana or anywhere else, addiction can ruin your life. People lose their family, friends, homes, and so much more because they are in serious need of help but do not know where to get it. To overcome an addiction, getting treatment and an individualized treatment program can be the key to recovery. Anyone in Indiana struggling with an addiction and looking for a way to get their life back should start with the Hickory House.

As you have likely heard, heroin and opioid addiction is becoming very common throughout the country. Heroin and opioids are a very difficult addiction to overcome. Due to this, you are seeing more cases of heroin overdosing and death due to the overdose or bad heroin. Whether you are addicted to heroin or another opioid such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, fentanyl, or anything else, prolonged use can cause serious damage to your personal life and can end in death. Due to the seriousness of this drug, beating the addiction requires intense treatment and an individualized treatment program. An individually tailored treatment program can go a long way toward beating an opioid addiction.

Alcohol addiction is something the Hickory House can also help with. People typically know when they have a drinking problem, but other less obvious signs include avoiding family and friends, anxiety when alcohol is not accessible, financial problems, and other issues. An alcohol addiction will not take care of itself, so if you do not seek out treatment you are prolonging the problem. Meeting with a counselor can best help you determine how to beat your alcohol problem.
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Once you make the right step toward getting help, there are numerous treatment options through the Hickory House. Residential treatment is a popular option because it allows people to stay in a positive, sober environment and reduces temptation. Also, you can choose an outpatient treatment program which allows you to stay in your own home and still work, but you still have access to group meetings and other forms of support. On top of inpatient and outpatient services, patients can also benefit from treatment modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, yoga, dialectical behavior therapy, or whatever is determined to meet your personal needs. Finding the best treatment program will depend on your own personal situation as programs are tailored to an individual’s needs.
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Ignoring a problem will not make it better, which is why getting treatment is so important. Too many people are losing control of their lives due to an opioid or alcohol addiction, but a recovery program can help them get their lives back. Having a personalized treatment program can help make beating an addiction a lot more manageable. If you are hesitant to seek out treatment, consider life without an addiction compared to living under the control of alcohol or opioids and getting treatment becomes a pretty clear answer.

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