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The Importance Of Dog Vitamins For Your Dog’s Health

There are lots of dog owners who are very keen on providing high level of care for their pets. While majority of the dog food companies are doing their best to put as many minerals and essential vitamins to their recipes, they could not provide the necessary nutrition for every dog. This is among the reasons why dog multivitamins have become an essential part of dog care.

Multivitamins for dogs are helping our pets to develop bones and muscles that lead to longer, healthier and more productive lives. In addition to that, these said vitamins are helping in many different ways of life from having healthy skin as well as hair to having better food digestion.

Similar to humans, the multivitamins for dogs are keeping them away from diseases before they become a problem. Lack of vitamin A in your dogs can lead to poor eyesight as well as slow growth while dogs who do not receive sufficient amount of vitamin K will face issues in blood clotting. As for dogs who lack of vitamin E, it can lead to productive failure as well as bowel issues. Likewise in human development, the lack of vitamin D results to bad teeth and rickets. For this reason, multivitamins for your pets can keep them from experiencing these irregularities.
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There are multivitamins for dogs that are made for puppies, adult dogs and even senior dogs. The vitamins for pups are designed to help them develop muscles as well as bone structure that brings them into their adult years with every advantage they can have. As dogs age, there is a chance that they are going to absorb less vitamins from foods they eat and some dogs will develop issues in their mouths making them to eat less. By giving your dog such vitamins, it will help them to get through with these issues.
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There are actually around 1/3 of household dogs who are on supplement today but that figure is rising constantly due to the reason that there are more pet owners who are aware that their pets aren’t getting all the nutrients they need. Some of these vitamins are helping to control shedding while others are promoting healthier joints and help against onset of arthritis.

Yet another known reason why owners are giving their pets multivitamins is to try controlling the weight gain of their aging dogs.

Some dog owners are after vitamin supplements that can help keep tissues, joints as well as bones in optimum health. Products that are intended for joint health and reducing stiffness are more common for numerous pet owners.

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